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良いニュースと悪いニュース、どっちから聞きたい?I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?2015/01/05 10:00

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all the best for this year. This year, Khanompang marks 15th Anniversary. Wow! what a long journey! Still continue challenging new things, Yay.

So, I have some news for you. Good and bad. Which do you want to hear first?

じゃ、まずは良いニュース。パンパカパーン!新しいメンバーが加わります!ヒューヒュー!これは良いねえ。チャレンジし続けるには変化が必要だし“多様は生命の第一の原理であり、全てが同一というのは静止した死の世界だ。” ってインドの偉大な思想家、ヴィヴェーカーナンダも言ってる。”一人だと煮詰まっちゃう。”と俺も言ってる。カノムパンはバンドみたいなもんだから。バンドってのは二人以上いないとバンドにならんし。
O.K. Good one, at first. ...Tada! Khanompang gets a newcomer! This is it. How great! Changes are necessary to continue challenges. "Variation is the sign of life. Sameness is the sign of death." Swami Vivekananda, an Indian great philosopher said. "Standalone may comes to standstill." I said. Khanompang is a band like. Band needs two or more.

で、その新メンバーてのは昨夏、八丈島の魅力を教えてくれて一緒に島でパンケーキの移動販売屋をやったくれた鎌倉のcafe terre verteのオーナーであり家具職人でありインテリアデザイナーである湯川さんであります。これは心強い!きっと良いケミストリーがあるに違いないって感じでしょ。
Alright, let’s introduce her for you. She is Yukawa-san who is a cabinetmaker, interior designer and owner of cafe terre verte. She taught me an attraction of Hachijojima. And then, she and I scratch-built and ran a temporary kitchen car for pancake on Hachijojima last summer. There must be a good chemistry, you know. That is reassuring.

Well, now you get a bad one. Are you ready for listening?

Khanompang closes a shop In the end of February. No joke? It’s true. If you have never been here before, or after remodel last year. It is the last chance of buying bread and having food or drink until closing.

葉山の皆さん、15年間の長きに渡りお世話になりました。思い返せば色々とありましたね。一度振り返って纏めます。15年間あっという間だったなあ。駆け抜けたって感じですよ。本当にありがとうございました。”さようなら、いままで魚をありがとう” とダグラス・アダムスも言ってる。
People who live in Hayama, I really appreciate your kindness for long 15 years. I have to write about around here. 15 years flew by. It was over in the blink of an eye. "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish." by Douglas Adams

One more thing.

カノムパンは引っ越します。鎌倉の奥の方、そうです。扇ヶ谷のcafe terre verte内に新生カノムパンが立ち上がります。今までも素敵だったcafe terre verteを改装して更にパワーアップ。移動販売車を作るときにお世話になった中村さんや葉山の何でも屋タカスケット、もちろん家具職人の湯川さんの力をまたお借りして何とか三月中には始めたいですね。今からワクワクしますね!鎌倉の皆さん待っててね。
Khanompang is going to move. To Oogigayatsu, is inner Kamakura. New Khanompang are going to open a store in ‘cafe terre verte’. There was still cozy den, I will try to become more cozier. Open in March. I have superior helpers who are helped us when we scratch and scrap kitchen car. They are supervisor Nakamura and all-rounder Takasuketto Hayama, and cabinetmaker Yukawa-san, you already know. I am so excited! Please wait a while, Kamakura people.

There were good and bad news for you. I mean all good things, aren't they. Anyway, may this year be a wonderful one for us!

カノムパン 内藤

Sincerely, Naito.